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Rice dumplings are a kind of food that many people like to eat. They eat dumplings in the south and Lantern Festival in the north. Many south like to make their own dumplings. It is also relatively easy to make. The prepared dumpling powder is relatively sticky, so it can be used with warm water and noodles.Now, as for the stuffing, there are more. Sometimes it is peanut stuffing, bean paste stuffing, and now some fruit stuffing, meat stuffing, etc. are added. Let’s find out how to make handmade dumplings to be delicious.

How to make glutinous rice dumplings by hand to make delicious noodles 1, usually one or two rice noodles can wrap 5 dumplings, and the ratio of noodles to water in noodles is about 3 to 1.

2. Due to the viscous degeneration of dumpling powder, warm water can be used generally. After the noodles are mixed, they can be directly stuffed without waking the noodles.

Make stuffing 1. The dumpling stuffing can be whatever you want. The traditional ones are sesame stuffing, peanut stuffing, bean paste stuffing, and some new ones can be stuffed with meat stuffing and fruit stuffing.

2. Although homemade dumpling fillings are more troublesome than buying fillings directly from the supermarket, the sugar and oil content can be controlled by themselves. “Green” and “natural” can be guaranteed.

Regarding soup 1, usually use clear water to cook the dumplings, because this will better highlight the flavor of the dumplings themselves, otherwise there is a possibility that the noisy guests will take the lead.

2. If you want to eat more emotionally, you can add juice, petals, etc. to the soup.

Method 2 Ingredients: 600 grams of glutinous rice flour. Supplementary materials: 20 grams of walnuts, 20 grams of peanut kernels, 20 grams of melon seeds, 20 grams of white sesame seeds, 20 grams of raisins, 40 grams of lard, 60 grams of sugar, and 10 grams of cooked flour.1.

Dried fruits are cooked or heated to make them more fragrant, and then added to a grinder and stirred to powder. If you like particles, you can beat them a little.

Add chopped raisins, mix with sugar, lard, and cooked flour, knead into balls, then add small pieces and knead.

If it is too soft, freeze it for 10 minutes to set it.


Put half of the glutinous rice flour in a slightly larger container, use the other container to hold more than half a pot of water, and prepare a cricket fence to start shaking.

Take care to free up an operating area, and don’t make it all flour.


Shaking the Lantern Festival is very simple, just put the fillings in the hedge, then quickly add them to the water basin, pick them up, dip the fillings in some water, then pour the glutinous rice flour into the basin, then shake the container to make each filling evenCover with a layer of dry powder.


Then repeat the previous step again and again, add the rest to the container when there is no glutinous rice flour in the middle.

Until the Lantern Festival becomes more and more full, it is complete.

Of course, the more you shake it, the thicker the skin will be. It depends on what you like.


Cooking the Lantern Festival is slightly longer than the dumplings for a minute or two. Depending on the situation, a small piece of skin can be similar to dumplings. After the pot is opened, add the Lantern Festival, stir with a spoon to prevent sticking to the bottom, cover and simmer, and cook again.Order some cold water after turning on, and then turn on again, then turn off the fire after turning on twice.