[Must-eat food in Yinchuan]_There are some_Some

Every place has its own characteristics.

Speaking of Yinchuan, I believe everyone knows Yinchuan’s cuisine very well.

In particular, the mutton in Yinchuan is fresh and tender, with a unique flavor. The main ingredient of many cuisines is mutton.

The taste of mutton is very good, and the nutritional value is very high. It is very useful for supplementing the protein inside the body, and it can also improve human immunity.

So, what are the foods you must eat in Yinchuan?

1 Most people who have been to Xi’an have eaten mutton glutton, where the mutton glutinous soup in Yinchuan is not as famous as Xi’an, but it has its own unique flavor. In fact, many people first mention Yinchuan is”Mutton of mutton”, the most memorable for the locals is the thick soup of mutton.

2Is there any kind of childhood memory of sheep chopped: On a street stall in Ningxia early in the morning, people who eat chopped sheep hold a large bowl, or stand, or squat, just with fennel cake, drinking mutton soup, largeStuttering lamb’s head, facial lungs, and goat liver.

3 Roasted whole lamb Roasted whole lamb seems to be a specialty of Inner Mongolia, but because Ningxia is rich in high-quality lamb, Ningxia’s roasted whole lamb and Inner Mongolia’s roasted whole lamb are more detailed and delicious.

If you eat roast whole lambs, you won’t look like a Northwesterner without eating a mouthful of oil.

The whole lamb selected must be the lamb meat under the full moon. After being slaughtered and washed, it should be spread on the grill and slowly roasted for more than 2 hours.

In the meantime, the delicious roasting materials are brushed on. The whole one is served with oily color and aroma.

4 Mutton ravioli noodles Mutton ravioli noodles are a unique product of Ningxia’s local food. Anyone in Ningxia who does not like mutton ravioli noodles is one of the main noodles in many noodle restaurants. The most representative ones are Yulian noodle restaurant and Red Marshal noodle restaurant.Many mutton ramen noodles are made by Huabiao Noodle House and Furen Noodle House, and many families often make their own mutton noodles.

5 Hand-caught lamb Hand-caught lamb is a well-known addition to Ningxia.

There is a spread: “When it comes to grabbing, think of Ningxia”, “Guests come, don’t eat and grabbing, come to Ningxia”.

So grabbing mutton has almost become a masterpiece of the Hui dietary culture.

The selection of Ningxia’s hand-caught lamb is very particular. It is necessary to choose lamb rib meat as the raw material, the proportion of weight and weight is moderate, and add a variety of stew seasonings and cook.

It is characterized by delicious meat taste, not greasy, not full-bodied, and full color and fragrance.

When eating meat, grab it with your hands and tear it away, hence the name grabbing mutton.

It must be paired with balsamic vinegar and garlic cloves to make the taste authentic.