Summer heat, homemade drink, health care

With the improvement of people’s living standards, beverages have entered millions of households, especially in the hot summer. Drinks that can be used almost become people’s favorite drinks.

Generally speaking, the summer climate is hot, often causes venting, sweating a lot, and people always feel thirsty. Drinking a cold drink can help to radiate heat in the body, supplement the body’s water, salt, and vitamins, and can help you quench your thirst., The role of clearing away heat and relieving heat.

But how to choose a summer drink can not help but pay attention.

  Don’t overdo cold drinks TCM health practitioners believe that in summer, the human body is out of yang, the yin is inside, the secretion of gastric juice is relatively reduced, and the digestive function is low.

If it is too much, it will cause disease, make people bloated, and cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  Do not consume cold drinks excessively after sweating because cold drinks are too much, and you cannot replenish and regulate the loss of salt and water in the body as soon as possible. Instead, it dilutes the gastric juice, reduces the bactericidal capacity of the gastric juice, and causes pathogenic microorganisms to cause gastritis through the metabolic tract.For colds, enteritis, dysentery and other diseases, cold drinks should be avoided. For some patients with chronic diseases, eating cold drinks should help selection and moderation. For example, patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension, and chronic bronchitis should not eat more frozen foods to avoid worsening the disease.Or induce the old disease to recur.

For those with gastric ulcer or hyperacidity, it is not advisable to use cold drinks with sour taste. For diabetic patients, in the self-refrigerated drinks, they should add less sugar or no sugar, otherwise they will feel sweet in the mouth or stomach upset.

It should also be noted that drinking beverages is not a substitute for drinking water.

Because most drinks contain a certain amount of sugar.

The sugar in the drink rises, and the osmotic pressure also exceeds. The less easily it is absorbed by the cells, it will take away the water inside the cells and easily cause water loss in the body.

In addition, cold drinks are a strong cold stimulus to the digestive tract, which can cause abnormal peristalsis and dysfunction of the digestive tract, leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  When it is convenient to learn how to make a summer heat drink, you can make some summer heat drink, which can clear away heat and prevent heat.

The following tea supplements can be substituted.

  ★ Three fresh drinks: 30 grams each of fresh bamboo leaves, lotus leaves, and mint. Add water and cook for about 10 minutes to take the juice, and then add an appropriate amount of honey instead of tea, which can quench thirst, clear heat and detoxify.

  ★ Xiangxiong drink: 10 grams of washed citron, 5 grams of Magnolia, cut with scissors; 5 grams of white lentils are fried and mashed, put in a thermos cup, brew with boiling water, cover with steep temperature for 1 hour, substitute teaDrinking frequently, 2 times a day, for summer colds, fever, head weight, burnout, vomiting and diarrhea as the main symptoms, the effect is better.

  ★ Sanxian drink: 10 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of Poria cocos, 30 grams of raw fava beans, decoction with water, cooked with fava beans, drinking juice and eating beans, it has the effect of cooling off heat, clearing heat and detoxifying.Good cripples, sores.

  ★ Five Bean Soup Drink: Take mung beans, red adzuki beans, white adzuki beans, black beans, white lentils, 10 grams of raw licorice, boil and cool offspring tea.

This soup is rich in nutrition and sweet in taste, which can relieve heat and quench thirst.

  ★ Sanhua drink: 10 grams each of wild chrysanthemum and lotus, 3 grams of jasmine, washed with boiling water, covered with a little cold, and then served as tea.

  ★ Soda Soda: 1g salt, 0 saccharin.

1 gram, flavor 0.

5 grams, 1 grams of citric acid, add water to 1000 ml.

Can be used in summer to irritate thirst.

  ★ Salt Tea: Tea 10?
15 grams, 7 grams of salt, soak in 2500 ml of boiling water, let it cool (or freeze it), and it can relieve heat and relieve heat.

  ★ Qingshu Jiuwei drink: bamboo leaves, ginseng, chrysanthemum, lisianthus, hawthorn, kudzu root, pollen, tangerine peel, scutellaria baicalensis each 2?
3 grams, 15 grams of sugar, saccharin 0.

1 gram, add 1000 ml of boiling water for immersion, let cool and add.

Drinks are served once per hour at 400?
500 ml works best.

Can clear summer heat, detoxify and prevent heat stroke.