Washing your face will make your skin worse and worse

Washing your face is the most important step in skin care, but I clearly feel that my face has been washed clean, but my skin is still not getting better.

In fact, face washing is also a university question. Usually, the wrong habits are not corrected, and it is really not easy to get better skin.


Some people apply the cleanser directly to save time, some people directly apply the cleanser to save time, and then rub the foam while washing.

However, the facial cleanser foams directly in brown, or rubs on the top when it is not fully foamed, because it will not protect the skin, making the skin more fragile because it is not protected by foam.

The correct way is to foam in your hands before rubbing your face.


Washing your face with cold water Some people think that washing your face with cold water will not enlarge your pores, so washing your face with cold water for a long time is no exception in winter.

But too cold water will close the pores instantly, and the dirt cannot be removed; but the water should not be too hot, because too much water will increase the amount of oil in the skin and easily accelerate aging. Warm water is best for washing your face (35-36 ℃As appropriate).


Washing your face many times a day Some people think that the more you wash your face, the cleaner and better your skin, so you wash your face many times a day.

However, the fact is that as the number of face washing increases, the skin’s stubborn membrane can be easily washed away continuously, and the skin’s protective ability will be reduced. Moreover, the skin is often irritated, but the skin is damaged, and the skin loses its elasticity and gloss, which makes the skin veryThis is how dryness and wrinkles appear.

Therefore, the frequency of washing your face should be appropriate, generally 2-3 times a day is appropriate.