[Dangers of not eating dinner]_Recommended diet

Many young women because of the fast pace of modern life, too much food every day, and very little time for exercise, is it right to skip dinner in order to pursue a slim figure and to choose any means to lose weight?

Does not eating dinner harm our body?

1. Is it right to skip dinner?

Since ancient times, Chinese people have paid attention to three meals a day, which makes some sense.

For three meals a day, breakfast provides 25 to 30 percent of the energy, while Chinese and dinner are about 30 to 40 percent.

If we abandon dinner, our body will lack a lot of nutrition and energy, then for whatever reason, we should not abandon dinner.

2. The harm of not eating dinner When the human body feels obese, it will promote the secretion of gastric juice. If you do not eat for a long time, the gastric acid in the stomach will hurt our gastric mucosa too much, so the stomach will be harmed for a long time, and gastritis and gastric ulcerAre likely to come to your door.

The reason is that the stomach is too acidic. If you do not eat dinner for a long time, you may cause thickening of the gastric mucosa, affect gastric motility, and cause indigestion.

Not eating dinner for a long time will not only cause a certain burden on the stomach, but also the nervous system will always send signals to us, and keep the state of excitement, which will affect our sleep and mental state the next day.

3. How should I eat dinner? I must not eat dinner, but I ca n’t eat too much.

Eating too full at dinner will also cause some pressure on our stomachs and sleep, and it will also affect sleep to a certain extent, and too much food will cause a large amount of insulin secretion. Many substances remain in the body, which may cause diabetes and colorectal cancer.produce.