[How to recover from overeating without losing weight]_ not getting fat _ what to do

With the development of the Internet, more and more people are working online, and many new occupations have been discovered.

Recently, a live broadcast platform has appeared on the Internet. Many people perform various live broadcasts on the platform. Some are live travel and some are live broadcasts.

Many hot eating broadcasts are sought after by people, but these live broadcasts are overeating, eating too much food in a short period of time.

So how do you fix fat without overeating?

First, how to remedy after overeating1. It is best to fast for 12 hours after overeating for 12 hours after overeating to allow the stomach to fully rest.

For example, at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, I ate a bowl of instant noodles with great sin. At breakfast time, I usually felt that my stomach was bloated.

2. Eating digestive foods or medicines after overeating does not prevent eating digestive foods after overeating, such as yogurt, apples, bananas, hawthorn, tomatoes, barley tea, lemonade, vinegar, ginger, etc., theseFood can promote digestion and avoid trace accumulation, and some can eat to promote trace combustion.

Or, in severe cases, it may be appropriate to take some digestive aids, such as Jianweixiaoshi tablets, Zhengchang pills, etc.

3. The next day after overeating, drinking a lot of water. The “fat” after overeating is not an aunt, but edema caused by overeating.

To clear edema, drink plenty of water the next morning to squeeze out excess water and increase excretion.

Don’t worry about swelling if you drink a lot of water. This is a misunderstanding. If you don’t drink a lot of water, there will be excretion, so don’t worry, drink with confidence.

4. Try to expand your stomach after overeating. “I regret eating too much!”

The stomach is stretched out of elasticity, “and such repetitions are inevitable after overeating.

At this time, the stomach is in a state of fatigue, which is enough to help the stomach expand.

Stomach stretching is simple, and only a pillow is needed.

Retracting the stomach allows more blood to flow through the stomach and promotes digestion.

If you digest well, or pile up excess aunt.

5. Reduce the amount of food in moderation and increase exercise to recover from overeating. Within one week after overeating, the diet should start to be light, and the transfer of 100 to 200 calories should be reduced on a daily basis.

Then, extend the exercise time by 15 to 30 minutes, or increase the exercise 1-2 times a week, so that the weight will drop normally after one week.

For people who often overeating, it is best to form a habit of regular exercise every Wednesday, and it is best to choose aerobic exercise.

This can increase the amount of oxygen in the body’s cells, and thus better promote the burning of uncles.

6. Reducing the amount of food after overeating is not a diet. The “rescue” measures after overeating do not refer to dieting. Many people have a deep sense of guilt after overeating, so they often take a diet to reduce the absorption of nutrients.

In fact, a sudden diet is likely to make you fatter.

So, after overeating, the best way to do this is with excess protein, which is the main element of muscle composition.

Especially when eating breakfast, you should add calcium and high-quality protein supplement. It can be called the body’s vitality throughout the day. When the internal unit of the body starts to operate, it can help metabolism and thus the role of metabolism and combustion.

7. After overeating, you can use fruit instead of meals. Many people think that eating fruit will not make you fat. So after overeating, in order to avoid more alternatives, most people will not consume various foods in the next few days.Foods containing traces, traces, and proteins are replaced by fruits and vegetables.

In fact, this method is wrong. Most of them are likely to cause nutritional imbalance. In addition, the sugar content in many fruits is very high, and sugar is also the “culprit” that causes obesity.

For example, sugar cane, watermelon, mango and other fruits contain more sugar than a bowl of rice, and the fruits are very small, so they often eat several at a time.

In this case, it is tantamount to eating several bowls of rice in a row.

8. It is critical to adjust your emotions after overeating. Many people feel distressed after overeating and want to eat nothing, or exercise 24 hours, trying to make up for the harm of overeating through these actions;

In fact, even if overeating causes weight gain, if you eat and exercise as planned in the next few days, you will lose weight.

So, all you have to do is drink some vinegar, run and run to promote digestion.

Control your emotions, do n’t blame yourself too much, do n’t be too “looking forward”, you need to “look after”, the key is to adjust the habits of the future, to prevent the overeating of overeating, and to prevent the vicious cycle of “overeating-dieting-overeating”.