You can pay attention to these things when you eat dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival!

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming again. Everyone should pay attention to their body while opening their belly. Don’t stop when they feel delicious. Learn about the Dragon Boat Festival and what to pay attention to when eating dumplings.Dragon Boat Festival Folk 1, eating dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival, this is another traditional custom of the Chinese people.

On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, everyone eats dumplings to commemorate Qu Yuan. Usually, the hazelnuts are wrapped up the day before, cooked at night and eaten in the morning.

The scorpion is mainly made of tender reed leaves that are abundant in the river and pond, and also useful as bamboo leaves, collectively called eucalyptus leaves.

The homonym of jujube is “early middle”, so the most eaten jujube, the children who are interested in reading can eat the champion.

In the past, on the day of the scholars taking the imperial examinations, they had to eat jujube in the morning, until the middle school, the morning of the university entrance examination day, parents also had to pay jujube to the candidates.

2, the dragon boat racing, washing dragons, dragons and dragons water is also the water that the dragon boat has been racing. Some people think that it is good water and live water. Therefore, there are often customs that like to drink dragon water, wash the dragon bath, and folks have “May Festival”.The saying of “washing dragons and drowning” is circulated.

3, paving the sun for a hundred days, ginger drying, 100 days, ginger is a folk custom in the Chaoshan area in ancient times. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, the villagers will put carefully selected ginger on the top of their houses, after a hundred days of sun and rain,Mid-Autumn Festival harvest on the same day, commonly known as Bairi Jiang.

The selection of materials and the process are also very particular. After the ginger is extracted, in addition to simply removing the soil, the ginger can not be treated any more. The replacement of the ginger can be used to ensure the effect of the old house;In the noon on the noon of the sun, the ginger is tied with a hemp rope into a string, draped over the vertical of the house, from the beginning of the drying to the harvest, people can not touch, to preserve the most natural and original flavor of ginger, so as not to avoidContagious.

It was not until the midday of the Mid-Autumn Festival that the work of drying the “Hundred Days of Ginger” was truly completed.

After the harvest, it is often made into ginger tea, which has the effects of dispelling cold and sweating, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, warming the stomach and stopping vomiting.

The old Chinese medicine[Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Set]uses the traditional Chaozhou-style Hundred Days of Ginger, with the same ingredients as black sugar, red dates, and coix seed, and is refined into ginger candy pieces that are raw materials.

Drinking brown sugar ginger mother tea during the menstrual period can improve the pain caused by dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

Usually drink red dates ginger candy, can help women to warm the cold, warm and meridian.

4, the hanging Ai Ye Zhangpu folk songs said: “The Qingming inserted Liu, the Dragon Boat Festival inserted Ai.”

In the Dragon Boat Festival, people have inserted Ai and Zhangpu as one of the important contents.

Everyone sprinkled the court, except for the calamus and the scorpion, which was inserted in the doorbrow and hung in the church.

In Chinese medicine, the medicine is used in AIDS, which has the function of qi and blood, warm uterus, and cold and dampness.

Acorus calamus is a perennial aquatic herb. Its long and narrow leaves also contain aromatic aromatic oils. It is a drug that refreshes, stagnate, and kills insects.

How to eat the most healthy scorpion 1, the scorpion should be eaten hot, add fat, meat, egg yolk scorpion is not suitable for cold, especially for people with poor digestion.

Some poor quality glutinous rice will become hard after cold, and the reincarnation phenomenon of the whole grain scorpion is more obvious after cold.

  2, scorpion should not be the only food in a meal, must be accompanied by some dishes.

Because of the rapid digestion, blood sugar rises rapidly and declines faster.

Once you are hungry, you will feel very hungry.

If you eat more vegetables to match, there will be no such strong aging reaction after eating the scorpion.

People with diabetes should pay more attention because their blood sugar control ability is inherently poor, especially for big ups and downs.

  3, the range of Suzizi is not as high as the legend, but after all, it belongs to food. If you eat the hazelnut, you should reduce the main food such as rice, steamed bread, noodles, etc., otherwise it will bring too much starch to cause weight gain, and may also cause excessive fullness.indigestion.

First eat a big dumpling and reduce a small bowl of rice.

  4, scorpion is a staple food, can eat three meals, breakfast is even more appropriate.

Because breakfast is usually poor appetite, the number of diets is numerous, the warm and fragrant scorpion is convenient to eat, and it makes people feel good. It feels very happy in the morning.

  5, although the hot glutinous rice itself is well digested, but mixed with greasy ingredients, such as fat, egg yolk, etc., people with poor digestion may feel uncomfortable, and others may get angry.

Therefore, people with indigestion should choose a refreshing northern jujube dumplings, and should not be served with too greasy vegetables.

For those who are prone to get angry, it is not advisable to match beef and mutton, fried foods and spicy dishes that promote body heat.

Vegetables, soy products and non-greasy fish are best.

Note on the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings 1, avoid bogey when eating bread, we do not want to pack too much, otherwise it will be difficult to familiarize it.

The child must be fully cooked before eating, otherwise it is detrimental to health.

2, avoid storing for too long, the packaged 粽 is better to eat as soon as possible, should not be stored for too long, only save 3-4 days at most, also need to heat again when eating.

In addition, the place where the cockroaches are preserved should also be clean and hygienic, and it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

3, avoid eating a lot of glutinous rice caused by glutinous rice, but glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so people who have merged or have suffered from gastrointestinal disease should not eat more.In addition, the digestive function of children and the elderly is also poor, so it is necessary to exercise restraint when eating cockroaches, and try to eat hot, so as not to be more difficult to digest after cooling.

4, do not eat cold and hard scorpion should not eat the scorpion that has just been taken out of the refrigerator. Some people like to put the scorpion in the refrigerator and then eat it for a while. This kind of scorpion is hard and cold, which is definitely worse for people with stomach problems.Therefore, it is better to take it out, then fully heat it and soften it and then eat it. If you don’t drink cold drinks and eat dumplings, you should not drink cold drinks. When you eat dumplings, don’t drink cold drinks. Drinking cold things makes it easier for the glutinous rice to solidify, which is more difficult to digest and easy to feel.To stagflation.

6, do not eat scorpion before going to bed two hours before going to bed, better to eat scorpion scorpion scorpion viscosity, not easy to digest, lack of fiber, containing too much traces, salt, sugar, experts recommend two hours before going to bed, do not eat scorpions.

Traveling out to pay attention to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, many people choose to travel, but in the past some people who travel abroad, due to inadequate preparation before the trip or physical discomfort during the trip, often do not feel the pleasure of tourism, but also wasted a holiday,After that, I have provided you with a few suggestions, and I hope you have a healthy and enjoyable journey.

Dressing should be comfortable to go out on the travel first to be “comfortable”, shoes are best not to wear hard shoes, especially new shoes, in order to prevent the blood bubble from affecting the trip, clothes to loose, casual wear is better.

Anti-motion sickness 1, don’t be nervous.

To stay mentally relaxed, don’t always think about dizziness.

It is best to find someone to chat and distract.

2, good at competition should not be too radical or full.

Only eat seven or eight full, especially can not eat high-protein and high-fat foods, whether this is prone to nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

3, try to sit on a seat that is relatively stable and consistent with the direction of exercise.

And keep the air flowing.

4, the head is properly fixed to avoid transitional swing.

5, half an hour before taking the oral motion sickness medicine.

6, try not to look at the scenes of fast moving outside the window, it is best to close your eyes and raise your spirits.

An alternative recipe to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness 1. Fresh ginger is placed on the handle during the fresh ginger placement, and it is smelled under the nostrils at any time, so that the spicy taste is absorbed in the nose.

You can also stick the ginger on the navel and fix it with the wound and pain relief cream.

2, about 1 hour before the orange peel, the fresh orange peel surface is facing outward, folded inward, and then squeezed with the two fingers of the nostrils, the skin will spray a fragrant oil mist.

It can be inhaled more than 10 times, and it can be heard at any time during the ride.

3. On the way to the wind oil, ride the wind oil on the temple or the wind pool.

You can also drop two drops of wind oil on the belly button and apply it with a wound of pain and pain.

4, vinegar before drinking a cup of vinegar warm water, there will be no motion sickness on the way.

5, wound wet painkiller cream before taking the car to take the wet painkiller paste on the belly button, to prevent motion sickness is significant.

6, refers to the Neiguan points when the occurrence of motion sickness, can be used to close the internal points of the thumb (neo-point points on the palm side of the wrist joint, about two horizontal fingers on the transverse stripes of the wrist, between the two tendons).