The ultimate neck surgery hides your age

Don’t be confused about the famous phrase “the age of your neck is easy to leak,” because this is an indisputable fact.
Many people think that skin aging starts from the face, but the fact is that the neck, which is often overlooked, is the place where the signs of aging are most likely to leak.
Of course, beauty cannot be only half!
In order to be 100% beautiful, don’t neglect the care of your neck while maintaining your face!
  The most beautiful neck formation technique. Hide the age, know the skin of the neck, and the neck is the major contributor to the weight of the head. It shoulders the rotation of the head up and down, left and right, and the burden can be very large.
Daily maintenance is indispensable. Let’s get to know your neck before maintenance!
  Know the skin of the neck before skin skin ← The skin of the neck is thin compared to the skin on the face, and there is less subcutaneous fat, which is prone to wrinkles and sagging.
  Muscle ← Muscles are thin and prone to form longitudinal wrinkles.
  Understand the tissue structure of the neck bones → The cervical spine consisting of seven bones supports the weight of the head and maintains balance.
  Blood, lymph ← thick arteries pass, there are many lymph nodes, and it has metabolic functions.
  Vertical wrinkles & horizontal wrinkles (longitudinal wrinkles) appear along with age and develop along muscle lines.
When the neck stretches upward, wrinkles like neck muscles appear.
The muscles of the bonnet muscle cover the chin to the neck. As the age increases, the subcutaneous fat decreases, and the skin becomes more slack. It gives a feeling of age, and people who are thinner are more likely to have such problems.
  Transverse wrinkles are associated with UV damage and drying problems.
The posture of lowering your head forward or sleeping too high on the pillow can easily make the neck skin fold. Maintaining this posture for a long time will make the neck wrinkles deeper and deeper, and the influence of ultraviolet rays and dry climate will cause the skin to reduce elasticity, Thus forming lateral wrinkles.
  Who is prone to wrinkles?
  1、忽胖忽瘦的人  经常减肥或身材始终在胖瘦之间徘徊的人,肌肤容易变得没有弹性,并且多数人胖的时候是身体胖,瘦的时候是脸瘦,肌肤更容易显old.
  2. People with thinner and thinner skin: People who are prone to dry and loose skin should pay more attention to the maintenance of neck skin.
  Moisturizing and sun protection for the neck is the most important. The daily maintenance of the neck is as important as the face. Of course, moisturizing and anti-ultraviolet can not be ignored.
  Neck skin is prone to fine lines due to lack of water. The most basic thing in skin maintenance is moisturizing, and the skin on the neck is thinner than the face. Of course, moisturizing is more important!
Because the skin of the neck is often exposed to the outdoor air, the skin is prone to dryness, causing relaxation, dullness, etc. This is also the source of neck wrinkles.
When UV light causes your skin to lose a large amount of collagen, gaps will appear in the skin elastic net that locks moisture.
In the dry winter, the skin’s moisture is easier to evaporate and lose, making you feel that your neck has increased wrinkles, the skin becomes dry, and even rough and dull, and aging symptoms appear instantly.
  In order to make the neck beautiful and not lose to the face, you can use the special care products for the neck during the maintenance, or use the body milk after bathing every day to help the neck lock the moisture, especially in the abnormally dry winter, this step is even more impossible.ignore.
In addition to the neck-specific products, the lotion or maintenance products used on the face can also be used on the neck, so don’t forget to give your neck a “cup” after finishing the face.
  颈部保养产品大推荐  1、La Mer海蓝之谜身体精华液1800元/125ml  满足身体肌肤的各种需求,如丝绸般的质地能立刻融入肌肤,持续使用,能减轻肤色不均与色素沉淀等Phenomenon, significantly brightens the complexion, and restores the body’s skin to a bright, flawless, smooth and tender young state.
  2. La Mer Sea Blue Mystery Body Lotion 1600 Yuan / 200ml Interacts with La Mer Sea Blue Mystery Body Essence to help skin resist water loss, and with the continuous moisturization it gives to the skin, it relieves dryness and itching.
  3. Mentholatum Hydra Moisturizing and Moisturizing Lotion 90 Yuan / 170ml Simulates the skin’s water-locking function, enhances the epidermal water-locking ability, and double moisturizing strength, such as turning on the water-storage capacity of the ocean, which essentially improves the skin and continuously replenishes the skinMoisture for an unprecedented moisturizing experience.
  4. Biotherm Olive Youth 2nd Source Day Cream 580 Yuan / 50ml A day cream containing activation, repair and protection of collagen maintenance.
Contains anti-oxidant olive extract and PTPTM (mineral living cytokines) to make skin moist and smooth.
  Fight against ultraviolet rays and prevent skin sagging. Ultraviolet rays can be said to be the natural enemies of the skin, and the chance of the neck being exposed to ultraviolet rays is quite high. It is also very dangerous if you do not do sun protection.
Ultraviolet rays not only cause spots on the skin, but are also the source of the skin’s inelasticity and wrinkles. The neck is the first “victim”.
  In order to prevent ultraviolet rays and dryness, it is best to add a layer of protection to the neck. When you go out in winter, you may wear a comfortable texture scarf to keep warm and add a layer of “protective film” to the neck.
  ← When wearing a turtleneck sweater, it is best to put a close-fitting cotton turtleneck underwear on the inside to avoid friction between the neck skin and the woolen fabric.
  ↓ The back neck is often overlooked by us, especially when applying sunscreen products. It is more likely to be forgotten when applying short hair or ponytails, and the back neck is more vulnerable to injury without knowing it. After a long time, the front neck is white and the back neck is blackDisharmony, so do n’t forget your neck when applying sunscreen!
  Sunlight and ultraviolet rays are the real “primitives” that cause neck lines, so you can’t neglect to guard against them even in winter. You must develop a good habit of applying sunscreen and isolation products on the neck.
  Neck sunscreen products are highly recommended. 1. Clinique daily light sunscreen cream SPF25 250 yuan / 40ml. A new light texture, seaweed extract can absorb excess oil on the skin surface, and has unique strong anti-oxidant and anti-irritant functions.
  2. Biotherm Soft Skin Rejuvenation Cream 395 yuan / 20ml The first rejuvenation cream with skin rejuvenation effect, creating a flawless and beautiful face, while SPF15 protects the skin from UV rays.  3, Sisley plant sunscreen cream 980 yuan / 40ml strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, reduces UV damage, delays the skin’s premature aging phenomenon, provides excessive moisture, and leaves the skin without water dehydration and peeling under the sun.

  Make good use of the sensitive complications of the skin care products. Careful care is required for special skin care products. In addition to the external factors of the skin surface, changes in the body are also the source of neck wrinkles. As a result, the age and metabolism of the body gradually changeSlow, the cells are getting slower and slower.

Of course, the earlier the maintenance work, the better. If you do not perform maintenance before the age of 30, the time and money will be higher in the future.

With the increase of age, of course, the care products will also increase.

  Lancaster Tightening Preventive Repair Cream 1, Lancaster Tightening Preventive Repair Cream 710 yuan / 50ml strengthens and tightens acne skin, performs skin reconstruction, and repairs skin to prevent skin relaxation, prevention and eliminationwrinkle.

Continuous use makes the skin elastic and silky again.

  Sisley neck cream 2, Sisley neck cream 1080 yuan / 50ml promotes cell regeneration, calms the neck lines, tightens the skin, restores skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizes and smoothes the skin, and prevents skin aging.

  Professional products, of course, must be matched with professional massage techniques to achieve the effect of “doing more with less”!

  Professional-grade massage STEP1 1 ↑ Dip the neck cream for finger massage, and draw a small circle massage from top to bottom. The range of the neck cream should be replaced throughout.

  Professional-grade massage STEP2 2 ↑ makes the lymph more unobstructed.

With your palms open and your thumbs under your jaw.

Fracture the lower jaw as a starting point, and gently massage it towards the ear bones.

  Professional-grade massage STEP3 3 ↑ Place the index finger and middle finger of both hands on the lymphatic position under the cheekbones, offset about 1 minute, help to clear the lymphatic nucleus, and can detoxify.

  Professional-grade massage STEP4 4 ↑ In order to make skin care products better absorbed by replacement, you can use intensive massage to stimulate the skin of complications, gently replace with your hands and massage gently.