[Neither too cold nor too hot is suitable for conception]

With a plan for wanting a baby, when is the best time to make someone?

Too cold and hot environments are not suitable for conception.

Let’s take a look at it: Preparing a baby requires some continuous preparations. During this time, both husband and wife should stay away from harmful environmental factors and choose the right time to conceive, so as to ensure the birth of a healthy and excellent baby.

Remind pregnant couples that pregnancy should pay attention to avoid the following unfavorable factors.

What is not suitable for conception?

Do not affect the quality of sperm or eggs once the pregnant person suffers from depression, depression, or a heavy mental burden under emotional depression and suppression. Even if the pregnancy, it will also affect the maternal hormone secretion due to adverse emotional stimulation.Makes obesity disturbed, restless, affects growth and development, and even causes miscarriage.

Therefore, when something unpleasant happens, it is best to temporarily avoid conception.