Parents’ hints make the baby good

Core tip: Educator Suhomlinski said: “Any kind of educational phenomenon, the less the child feels the consequences of the educator, the effect of his education.

Therefore, parents should educate their children through “inspiring, suggesting, consulting” and other forms.

  The implication is a silent education, a “moisturizing and silent” education.

The following scenarios suggest that they may help you in educating your children.

  Eyes hinted that after dinner, Dad told Dongdong a story.

Talking, Dongdong’s hands started a small movement.

Dad didn’t stop, but he kept his eyes on his son’s little hand.

After a while, Dongdong’s hands were “quiet”.

  Analysis: Eyes are a silent language, which can express feelings more delicately and clearly than language.

Eye hinting is to use your eyes to hint what you want to say and the attitude you want to show.

  The expression implied that a guest came from the house, and Guagua was so happy that he started “Crazy People”.

He laughed for a while, and screamed for a while, even his father’s eyes turned a blind eye.

So Dad frowned sharply.

This time, Guagua finally saw it, and his voice was much lowered.

  Analysis: Expressions are clearer than eyes. Human expressions can convey a variety of information, such as affirmative, yes, no, should not, etc., to make the implied object react.

The children do a good deed, and you nodded to him for a breakthrough; the child worked hard to solve a problem, and you smiled at him, which is the best motivation.

  Words implied that Hao Hao never folded after getting up in the morning. His mother reminded her several times, but the effect was not ideal.

Once, my mother told Hao Hao that today, when she met Liangliang’s mother downstairs, she said, “Liangliang is very good, and she always covers herself every day.”

After hearing this, Haohao didn’t seem to take it seriously, but gradually he was covered by himself.

  Analysis: Since it is “suggested”, it means that you don’t need to speak directly.

When praise or criticism is to be adopted, a devious method is adopted, such as storytelling, figurative comparison, comparison, etc. to “point out” their points of change, so that children can understand and receive education in a soft atmosphere.

  The action implies that it is more than 9 pm, and Xiao Fei is still sitting in front of the TV.

Mother said nothing, stood up and rolled out the quilt on Xiao Fei’s bed.

Silent language reminded Xiaofei, Xiaofei went to sleep immediately after watching.

  Analysis: Action hinting is to use body language to express your thoughts so as to educate children.

When the parent coached the child to do his homework, he found that the child was sitting improperly, and he could do a few chest movements to the child, and let the child accept this suggestion, and he would learn to respond.

Children need the attention of their parents, especially the oral pregnancy, or kiss him, pat him, hit him, these can express his encouragement.