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Pumpkin pie (home-made) is a homemade dish suitable for all ages. The method of this dish is very simple and the nutritional value of the ingredients is extremely high.

With white dry rice, the taste can reach the ultimate delicious.

When cooking this dish, just pay attention to the size of the heat. After the pan is out, the replacement color and aroma will be more complete.

1. The pumpkin slices are steamed in the pan and soft; 2. Cut the pumpkin with a spoon and soften, and then mash them into a mud (you can add white sugar); 3. Add the glutinous rice flour and noodles; 4. Not enough flour and noodles ., And smooth, hey!

Add a lot of flour . 6, pour some flour in the small dish, put the noodles in the flour inside the dish; 7, pour the oil in the pan, heat it slightly, and fry the noodles in the pan with your hands; 8,Fry cooked.

Is pumpkin pie (homely) easy to learn?

When making it, pay attention to the seasoning, and add soy sauce in an appropriate amount to avoid the taste being too strong.