[How to make cucumber pickles]_How to make_How to make

Cucumbers are vegetables that we often eat in our lives. Cucumbers are eaten in many ways. They can be mixed with cold water, cooked in soup, or cured.

But the more common is the cold cucumber, which is patted in sections and sprinkled with garlic and balsamic vinegar to taste it.

However, pickled cucumber is also a pickle that many people like to eat. It is simple and convenient. When you eat it, you can eat it for a long time. Whether it is rice or steamed bread, it can increase appetite.

Ingredients: cucumber, oil, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, red pepper.

To make this cold cucumber, first wash and cut the cucumber into small pieces, then sprinkle with salt for half an hour.

Ingredients: cucumber ten pounds salt, one pound of sugar, one pound of vinegar, one pound of soy sauce, two pounds of ginger, three garlic, fourty-two monosodium glutamate, three two white wine, three two-day Chaotian pepper, one pound of pickled cucumbers. Steps: 1.

Wash the cucumbers, cut them into short and uniform cylindrical shapes, and cut them in the middle.

Cut into strips.

Don’t be too thin, try to be as uniform as possible.

Be sure to choose an oil-free basin, which is oil-free from washing to cutting2.

Cut into even strips.

Don’t be too thin 3.

Cut the cucumber strips, pickle them with salt for a day, grab the cucumber strips thoroughly with salt, and scratch evenly at intervals.

Marinate for a day, then air dry.


Cut garlic into garlic slices, peppers, and ginger (sweet ginger is better).


Control water after marinating.


Put soy sauce, vinegar and sugar in a large pot, stir while cooking, don’t make the fire too big. After all the sugar is turned on, turn off the heat, add MSG, and stir well.

After cooling, add cucumber strips, ginger slices, garlic slices, white wine, and chili segments that have been controlled for water (you don’t want to cut the whole small pepper.

No segmented spicy).

Wear gloves and grab well.


Don’t feel that there is less soy sauce, water will come out when pickled cucumbers.

After pickling, take out the safety box, or seal the pickle jars with pickles.